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We take dynamic pleasure in implementing health measures and support you not only in fulfilling the legal mandate, but also in setting up a health management system. Theory is good, practice is better: see for yourself how our holistic approach has already worked for our customers.

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"After many years of changing providers of occupational health care, we have finally found a partner in prevent AT work that provides our employees with competent, reliable and innovative care. Particularly noteworthy is ...


prevent AT work was a guest on ORF in March 2019: Nicole Dreeßen explains the role that sitting plays in back health. 


Project since August 2015 for OBI Austria - Health Day "Lifting & Carrying" "I wanted to give you some brief feedback that the feedback from the employees was consistently positive. Everyone thought it was good to hear and see tips and tricks. We would be interested in further exercises. The DOING is then...