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We have tailored these measures specifically to your job in order to maintain your ability to work and provide you with the best possible support:

Working in a team

  • Conflict moderation: Out-of-court conciliation procedure for conflict resolution
  • Interfaces in the company: Improving cooperation between teams and departments
  • Disturbances and interruptions: Dealing healthily with time- and energy-consuming interruptions
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Screen work

  • Eye screening: Vision test of the eyes and examination of other eye functions
  • Eye Yoga: Training to relax the eyes, neck and back muscles
  • Movement breaks: Active breaks in everyday working life
  • MediMouse measurement: Check-up of posture, mobility and stability of the spine
  • Tear film diagnostics: Check-up of the individual risk profile for "sicca syndrome" (dry eyes)
  • Workshop or webinar: Back-friendly work at the computer workstation
  • Individual review of internal applications special ergonomic work equipment: For example, electrically height-adjustable tables or ergonomic active chairs

Managers & Directors

  • Teacher coaching: Special coaching form based on the Freiburg Model according to Prof. Joachim Bauer
  • My leadership style: Reflection and improvement of one's own leadership style
  • Bullying prevention: Recognising and preventing bullying in the workplace
  • Soft skills: Teaching interdisciplinary skills (social, methodological, personal)
  • Addiction prevention: Recognising addiction in colleagues
  • Supervision & Coaching: Professional counselling methods for coping with challenging professional situations such as conflicts or changes
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Physical work

  • Functional movement screening: Check-up of mobility, stability and coordination
  • Back-friendly work: Raising awareness of healthy posture and compensatory movements in production, in the warehouse or during assembly
  • Workshop: Carrying and lifting correctly

Customer Contact & Teachers

  • Demarcation & Mental Hygiene: Techniques to improve "switching off" and detachment from work
  • Intercultural communication: Values, attitudes and communication principles of different cultures
  • Voice & Speaking Techniques: Application of techniques for professional multilinguals
  • Dealing with complaints & de-escalation: Learn how to deal with the emotions of the person making the complaint and learn de-escalating techniques.
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Shift work

  • Nutrition in shift work: Learning optimal nutrition for working in shifts
  • Sleep & Chronorhythm: Heart rate variability measurement (HRV) for individual chronotype determination during shift work, help with sleep disorders

On the road for work

  • Ergonomics in cars and trucks: Back-friendly behaviour and balancing exercises for frequent drivers
  • Healthy snack: Prepare quick, healthy dishes for work
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